Inventions and Inventors of the Industrial Revolution for Kids and Teachers- interactive Illustration

Inventions and Inventors of the Industrial Revolution

For Kids

There is nothing new about invention. People have always been inventing things to make their life easier. What was new or different about the time period in history that we call "The Industrial Revolution" was that a whole bunch of new inventions were built at about the same time with a common goal - that being to replace a large number of workers with a machine so that goods could be made more rapidly and for less money. That allowed people to buy things they could never afford before.

The Power of Invention - Inventors of the Industrial Revolution (interactive)

Stephenson's Rocket Animation

The Blast Furnace Animation

The Spinning Mill Animation

Winding Gear Animation

The Beam Engine Animation

Paddle Steamship Animation

The Steam Engine

Who wants to be a cotton millionaire? 

15 Industrial Inventions That Made History

For Teachers:

Inventions of the Industrial Revolution and their impact on American Life and Western Expansion

Lesson Plans from the National Museum of Industrial History

Essential Questions:

How does industrialization impact the environment?

What did the use of steam powered machines mean to the people of the 1800s? How did it impact their lives? Was the impact all good? All bad? A little of both?

What problems were solved by the Industrial Revolution?

What conflicts were created because of the Industrial Revolution?

How did the Industrial Revolution impact my life

And many more - Classroom Activities for the Industrial Revolution inventions and life