Classroom Activities and Project Ideas for the Industrial Revolution Illustration

Industrial Revolution
Classroom Activities and Project Ideas

These are classroom activities and project ideas for kids and teachers to use in your unit studies of the Industrial Revolution. These projects and activities  can be adjusted for any grade. We hope you'll find some ideas you can use.

Project: 10 Industrial Revolution Project Ideas from Murrieta Schools

Project: The Industrial Revolution, an Epic Tale: Everything you need with project ideas and handouts for creating the Industrial Revolution as an epic tale working in groups

Photo-Essay Project: Use a powerpoint or a multi-media collage with captions to compare and contrast child labor during the Industrial Revolution to modern child labor. Students can, if they choose with teacher permission, focus on a different comparison, for example - comparing housing then and now, or factory conditions for all workers then and now.

Quarter Project: Industrial Revolution (simple research project with handout of format)

Projects: Character Cards, Who's got the answer to the problem, and more

Classroom Activities: Background information, Invention Match up, Create a new invention

Industrial Revolution Simulation/Game for the Classroom

Simulation: The Assembly Line Classroom Simulation

Factory Simulation: Workers on the Line

Inquiry Based Project: Did the Industrial Revolution really improve the lives of the American people?

Sweatshop Activity (classroom activity and lesson plan)

Simulation: The Urban Game

Library of Congress - Industrial Revolution materials for classroom use and homework help

Choose Your Own Adventure from over 70 different classroom activities and possible assignments

Lesson Plans: The Industrial Revolution Lesson Plans with Classroom Activities

Games: The Industrial Revolution Free Games and Interactives

Powerpoints: The Industrial Revolution Powerpoints

The Industrial Revolution for Kids (Index)